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This new blog is a fresh joint iteration of my previous personal and art blogs, and I'll post stuff I make, Art I create, reblog stuff that I like, and fandoms without a specific theme.

Though I am having a rather difficult time not seeling my heart and soul to Ninjashow...



In honor of Autumn coming soon, here are some happy dogs that love the fall weather are aren’t afraid to show it. Have a great day everyone.


Post-it Notes Left on the Train

Writer and illustrator October Jones, the creative genius behind Text From Dog and these funny train commute doodles, is at it again with these hilarious motivational post-it notes that he leaves on the train and in other random places.The upbeat doodles, which star Jones’ adorable character Peppy the Inspirational Cat, convey positive and funny messages meant to motivate daily commuters. Whether you’re feeling the Monday blues or in need of some encouragement, Jones’ delightful post-it notes are sure to brighten your day and remind you just how awesome you are.

Via My Modern Metropolis 



Reasons Gravity Falls is a bad show:

  • repetitive character design. if you look closely the two main characters have extremely similar features
  • use of secret codes and ciphers even though most of the fanbase speaks english. inconsiderate.
  • unrealistic standards for triangles

Which is why is awesome when a Show gets so much awesome, certain people need something to do and hey bash what is awesome :D